Read aloud

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In the past, learning English as a separate subject seemed relatively easy. The textbook selected and graded items of language which were put into context and then practised intensively. New items were carefully controlled so that the student could cope quite easily. Now that English is used as a medium of instruction, however, all this has changed. Unknown items of grammar and vocabulary appear in texts which attempt to explain new and often difficult information. Difficulties with the language interact with difficulties as regards the subject matter.


提示: 考试时大约为50-60个词。这里有些材料过长(70-80词),40秒内读不完大家不要有心理负担,把它们作为快速朗读练习即可。2行的材料尽可能在25秒内完成,2行半的尽可能在30秒内完成。